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Dr. Liz isn't one to brag about working with her, so take it from her students.

Here's what they have to say.



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Meet Nikiya

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Athlete, Gardner, Community Educator

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Meet Katie

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Private Practice Owner

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Meet Michelle

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Individuals & Couples Psychotherapy

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Meet Emily

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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Meet Dr. Allyson

New York State Licensed Psychologist, Queens College

Counselor for educational opportunity program, Adjunct for Mental Health Counseling Program

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Meet Dr. Patricia

Previous Provost, Dean, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Professor

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Meet Dr. Michele

Dean of Arts & Communication, Seminole College

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Meet Dr. Stratos

Director of Technology Services, New York University???????

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Meet Dr. Joshua

Dean of the School of Counseling & Human Services at Capella University. 

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Meet David

Assistant Dean for Digital Library Technology Services at New York University.


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Meet Melanie


“I was drawn to Liz. She did a workshop in January and I was so psyched and intrigued by it that we had a couple of phone calls and I decided to start working with her. [...] I have an MBA and I’ve worked in business a long time and actually worked in new business development. [...] but I wanted to do something really new in my practice and I just was completely stuck.

In one of our first sessions I said ‘It’s gonna be hard and take a long time.’ And Liz said ‘That’s Just A Belief.’ There was something about the way that she said it that my head just kind of blew up in a really good way. And after that I went home and I just thought ‘I’m gonna do this.’”

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Meet Zoe

Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist

“This group has really helped to mobilize me to take action to set goals and to take steps to reach them.”

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Meet Lisa

Creative Arts Therapist


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Meet Tanisha

School Social Worker

“When I started with the program where I was, I had put myself at a 4. I can honestly say that I am on my way to a 10.”

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Meet Jen

Art Therapist

“I was powerless in my own life. And I knew I was holding myself back but I couldn’t get out of it... And now I’m dating... I was asked out by five guys last week.  [Now], The world is open. I can make real movement and make real changes in my life. And it’s happening. Getting a coach was so like opened my world. It really shifted so much for me because I learned from you that it’s not just about the mindset, it’s not just about the action, but you need both pieces together.

The best part of working with Liz is how much she cares and the effort she put into her work and her group is really touching. She is really thoughtful, really deliberate, and really intentional and it really feels like true support.

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Meet Alana

Sales, Women's Footwear, Calvin Klein

“I hadn’t been on a date since I started working with you, even though I was putting things into motion, but I wasn’t really closing the loop, sort of speak. Now I’m lining up a lot of dates. I went on my first date this past week of my dry spell. I guess it feels really good...

I was putting a roadblock in my way in order execute what I wanted. I was justifying that [coaching] costs too much or how was I going to have the time after work? But, just like anything in your life, anything you want, you make happen. When I re-shifted my priorities and I decided to do it. I mean, I get anxious thinking like, not having [coaching]. I love having this back and forth. Like, just having the support, the accountability, for me, you know, someone to put a fire under my butt.”

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Meet Alicia

Certified Public Accountant

“I was a different person, actually, when Dr. Liz and I first spoke. I was not even going online. I know I want to find a husband, and I want to get married, but I was not going online. I wasn’t even, you know, active ... whatever. I wanted the husband without doing the work. So, I was kind of miserable.

Liz pushed me to have some difficult conversations with very important people in my life, and I feel one person, and from that conversation, it turned into others that happened with my sister, and another one that happened with my boss, and it’s just like, things kept happening, and now, it’s just like, conversations with men, it’s a piece of cake.”

Meet Terri

“Liz is amazing at helping people achieve clarity that will assist them in reaching their best potential! Before working with Liz, life was boring and uninspired. Now, after working with Liz life is exciting, with new opportunities, ideas, creativity, and a CRYSTAL clear sense of direction!! My favorite thing about working with Liz is her personality. She is warm and empathic and a pleasure to be around. She is entirely focused on YOU and makes it clear that she is single handedly devoted to your interests and your well-being. This unparalleled level of focus is coupled with a personable, kind nature. You look forward to seeing her every week and you feel confident that your goals are genuinely her priority!

Working with Liz is worth the investment because the clarity you will achieve is priceless. I recommend Liz to anyone who is serious about making a change in his/her/their life. The work you will do with her is truly life-changing. Her insight and skills are exceptional and she will help you identify what exactly is the right fit for you and will help you actually make it happen! She is an invaluable resource to anyone with a dream.”

Meet Marc

“When I need to get results, I want someone with a foundation of knowledge who has the experience to back it up. Liz works at the intersection of book smarts and wisdom, using her approachable coaching style to drive you towards your goals.”

Meet Alissa

“When I need to get results, I want someone with a foundation of knowledge who has the experience to back it up. Liz works at the intersection of book smarts and wisdom, using her approachable coaching style to drive you towards your goals.”

Meet Vivien

“I really began to intimately understand my own process and see my own blind spots and really see the big picture so that I can adjust where I was literally stopping myself.”

Meet Carly

“I accomplished my goal in a different way than I had envisioned and I really recommend Liz she is a great life coach!”

Meet Molly

“Before I was working with Liz I struggled with standing up for myself. Now, I say what I want to people, before I was always just terrified of it. I got immediate positive results. It was incredible.”

Meet Samantha

“My favorite ‘Lizism’ is upgrade your life 1%. I’ve been blown away by Liz’s investment in my life. I know she’s been just as invested in literally everybody else’s life and I’m just really proud of the work we did together and the mentorship and the investment that she gave me. I don’t know anybody who would regret this course. It’s worth every penny and more.”

Meet Ali

“The best benefit of working with Liz is you feel like you have somebody that’s really on your side working with you. She makes you feel so comfortable and so supported during that journey. She’s also super qualified to do it... she actually knows what she’s doing and it’s such a pleasure to be supported by someone so knowledgeable and so intuitive and so loving.”

Meet Laya

“Liz is a magic maker. Everything I talked about or wanted to get done... I have done and that’s because of Liz. Talk to Liz. Get a consultation. Just get into it. Get what you want.”

Meet Dr. Samantha

“Dr. Lasky is highly skilled at helping people change. Her talent is uncovering exactly what you need so you can create change for yourself, your business, and your life.”


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