Discover The Most Effective Way to Bridge the Gap Between Coaching & the Industry of Helping Professionals

Even With Little to No Coaching Experience


If you’ve been “coach curious” and flirting with the idea of introducing coaching into your practice, then you couldn’t be in a better place than right here, right now.

The world has undergone massive change the past 3 years, and so has everyone in it.

This means as social workers, psychologists, pastoral counselors, therapists & helping professionals, we can no longer rely on our tried-and-true toolkit to service our patients.


Because their needs are so different than they used to be that what worked in the past must now be adapted for the future.

Which means...

You have the chance to rise up and take on the most exciting challenge of your career!

(Seriously, something like this doesn’t come along everyday!)

Now Introducing...

101 Questions for The Coach Curious

A Guide for Therapists, Social Workers & Helping Professionals

These 101 questions are a starting point for helping professionals that are curious about coaching and want to use it to provide effective results for their patients.

 Using these questions, you can immediately begin to incorporate coaching into your clinical practice! 

As you hone your coaching skills, you’ll be able to:

 Meet the needs of your clients in a way no one else can and create long-lasting change in their lives they’ll remember forever

  Be fully present with clients, connect with the results you help create and finally regain your sense of purpose as a helping professional

 Become one of the first professionals to introduce coaching into your practice and make waves in the industry, opening doors to big opportunities that once felt out of reach

 Reignite your passion and excitement for work so you can’t wait to wake up every day and begin seeing patients (yes it’s possible, even if you haven’t felt that way in forever)

 Feel energized, empowered, and more confident because you know you have an incredible solution that will give people the help they need on a deeper level

Yes, I Want to Download 101 Questions for the Coach Curious for FREE

The next step is to act fast and take the FREE 101 Questions for The Coach Curious.  

If you’re wondering, “Why the urgency? This is all still so new!”

It's because very soon there are going to be helping professionals just like you coming out of the woodwork, ready to embrace coaching as part of their practice. 

I am a PhD, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an NYU Certified Coach, and I hold the International Coach Federation credentials of Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I am also a proud Fellow of The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard University.

I’ve been published in peer-reviewed journals about the ethical congruence of Coaching and Social Work.

I’ve seen firsthand the immense potential coaching has to transform our field.

So believe me when I say...

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor before it becomes too crowded.

It’s time to move forward.
Download the FREE 101 Questions For The Coach Curious now.

Yes, I Want to Download 101 Questions for the Coach Curious for FREE